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For many Students at John Snow College the Boat Club becomes an integral and important part of their University life. Some members will have been involved with the Club right from their Freshers' Week in first year up until their graduation. Other people also play an important part in the Club, such as our coaches and supporters who are not necessarily members of the College.

The Alumni Society

In 2014, the John Snow College Boat Club Alumni Society was launched with the main purpose of keeping former members involved with the Club.

The Alumni Society will hold a variety of social events in London and Durham and hopes to be able to hold an Alumni Race on the Tees and an Alumni Ball in the near future. Alumni members are also given the opportunity to buy club clothing, including the new JSBC Blazer.

If you have ever been involved in anyway way with the Club, as a member, supporter or coach, then please join our mailing list and get involved!

Supporting the club itself is a selfless act and donations we receive are highly valued. Our aim is to reinvest your donation into wherever you see fit so you can help shape the club with us. 

The instructions to donate are as follows:

  • Click this Link
  • In the "Designation" drop down menu, select "John Snow JCR"
  • In the "Specifically for" section, type: John Snow Boat Club
  • If you want to donate towards a specific item or service (ie. A boat), add the details in the "comments" section